5 Productivity Tips from Beyonce

5 Productivity Tips from Beyonce

5 Productivity Tips from Beyonce

Everyone is gawking over Mrs. Carter’s “superhuman productivity level” while I’m gawking over the strategic marketing (or lack there of) of her surprise album that she suddenly dropped late in the night Dec. 12 on Facebook and Instagram. It’s like keeping your entire pregnancy a secret then delivering a 11 lb. baby by yourself on the side of the road on your way to to the grocery store then continuing on to get all of the ingredients to your 5-course vegan meal without missing a beat. Damn!

Her “stunt” has many women wondering what the heck we’ve been doing with our days. Instead of using her example to beat ourselves up, let’s use this major act of fiereness to fuel our own fire and ignite our flames of creativity and productivity.

5 Productivity Tips from Beyonce

It’s very clear that while we all have the same 24 hours in our day as the fabulous Beyoncé, she has a slight advantage over us regular folk. No need for me to expound. There is no doubt that us average women (you and me) are far beyond average. We are all extraordinary, brilliant and FLAWLESS regardless of our perceived lack of resources (financial, educational, influential). Instead of focusing on all of the things Beyoncé has that we don’t, let’s focus on the 24 hours that we all have. Here are just a few of many productivity tips that we can learn by taking her lead and that we can easily implement today! And that don’t take loads of money. Don’t hate, participate!

5 Productivity Tips from Beyonce

Productivity Tips from Beyonce - Focus1. Focus
This mom, wife and entrepreneur has a lot on her plate. If you follow her, you’ll know that one thing she strives to do is to focus on the moment…one thing at a time, full force. This speaks directly to my desire to put an end to multitasking.






Productivity Tips from Beyonce - Grind2. Grind
When you are focused and narrowed in on that moment, grind and grind hard (hard rock steady rock hard rock steady). There’s no need to multitask when you present and working your booty off. When she’s with her daughter, she is 100% focused on her, allowing to be the best mom possible. When she is focused on her tour or sneaky album, she is 100% focused allowing her to pour everything she has into it.





Productivity Tips from Beyonce - Hydrate3. Hydrate
Despite her multimillion dollar contract with Pepsi, Beyoncé is a huge water drinker. And also a big proponent of drunken love based on her new album! Water is a no-brainer for good health. One of her beauty secrets for great skin is water. Hydration is also a great productivity booster as it helps to increase oxygen to the brain and will actually give you more energy. On the contrary, dehydration will cause fatigue and headaches which will stop your productivity in your tracks.




Productivity Tips from Beyonce - Eat4. Eat
Similar to drinking water, eating consistently and healthy will increase your productivity. Shockingly enough, eating a good balanced meal will give you more energy than a 1-hour nap. Let that sink in for a minute. Balanced is the key. With their big move to go vegan (for 22 days), Mr. and Mrs. Carter are taking full advantage of the natural ability for our minds and bodies to be productive when we give them the right fuel. Now wait, I can hear you now…”If I had a personal chef and all the money in the world, I would eat consistent and healthy meals like nobody’s business. But I don’t yo!” Great point. But don’t make excuses, make baby steps.



Productivity Tips from Beyonce - Pretend5. Pretend
Pretend you have an alter ego. One with amazing super powers that gets stuff done at an incredible amount if speed with a ridiculous amount of accuracy. Shasha Fierce isn’t the best example of this, but hey, it works for her. Get into character by any means necessary…create a name, put on your hype song, shake your stuff, put on your wonder woman crown and get it done! Fake it ’till you make it. I’ve tired this. It works. 🙂

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  • Alease December 17, 2013 5:51 pm

    Olivia, I just love this article. You are so right Mrs. Carter did her “thang” ! My favorite productivity tip is #5 – Pretend.
    I say a lot FAKE IT TO YOU MAKE IT. Many peopple don’t like this saying but – it worked for me. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplished all that I have – pretending help me be someone else. And if I messed up – i just blamed my “other self”. It was just my way of staying focus and to keep leaning forward.

    Thanks Olivia for sharing this great article. Will be sharing it with my audience.

  • olivia
    olivia December 20, 2013 11:32 am

    Thanks so much Alease! So much we can learn here. I LOVE your follow up post as well… http://aleasemichelle.com/beyoncemarketingprinciple/ 🙂

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