4 Ways to Hype Your Hustle

4 Ways to Hype Your Hustle

4 Ways to Hype Your Hustle

Last week, a friend asked me this question:

“How do you deal with the days that are necessarily bad but that aren’t great either? Or those days when you feel like your hustle is off? Can you tell I’m having one of those days?”

Here was my reply:

As an entrepreneur you have to have a plan for when those days roll around because they will. Here are a couple things I do (corny as they may sound, they work for me)…


1. I have a couple songs that put me back on my game and a full Monday Motivation playlist on Spotify. If you just have to throw on some Rick Ross Hustlin’ then be it.

2. I put myself in a place that inspires me. For a while that was a busy Starbucks. The hustle and bustle of the people, their stories (since I eavesdrops all the time) and the energy got me going.

3. I keep a journal, writing down my thoughts but more importantly, the quotes and sayings (including scriptures and messages from God) that inspire me to keep going, to push and to be my best. I have found if I don’t write them down, I forget and when the next meh day rolls around I’ve forgotten that thing that motivated me so much. I can always go back to my journal and re-read months (even years) worth of inspiration. Here’s one for earlier this year…

Sky above, earth below, fire within

4. Lastly, I have to surround myself with people that see my value and that will continue to set me on fire. The company you keep is so important. Be around people who have an inspirational hustle.

Hustle on my friends!
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Set your life on fire - Rumi

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