3 Ways to Love Your Brand This Month


3 Ways to show your personal brand some love - build your creative coaching or consulting brand

I used to hate Valentine’s Day. All the lovie dovie stuff. And all of the waiting for someone to make you feel special. In high school the student council sold “teddy-grams” that students could buy for a dollar or two and have delivered to a student’s classroom during a specific class period. They consisted of a mini teddy bear in a tux or dress, a balloon and a note. Almost every class period for a week, someone would come to the door and disrupt the lesson to deliver the Valentine’s for that period. Almost every class period for a week, I hoped that some mysterious guy would surprise me with one. It never happened. Ironically, the school purchased all of the teddy bears from a handmade company called Omega Designs (you guessed it…made by me). While waiting for someone to celebrate you or validate your worth in high school is normal, it had to come to an end at some point.

3 ways to love this month - love brand you - personal branding - branding techniques

It took some time (ok, it took twenty years…don’t judge me), but in my early thirties I finally fully grasped AND started to regularly act on the concept of self-love. I still struggle with this to this day as I know most of us do. It’s not the concept. I get it. I agree with it and I embrace the need for it. It’s the taking the time to take the action of self-love that I suck at. Now, instead of hating the heart infested, commercialized holiday, it’s just another excuse for me to make myself feel even more special than I already do.

Our personal brands also often times get neglected, but on the back burner for client needs. The notion of self brand love is extremely important. There are many ways to show your brand love this month, but here are three ways that I can help you say “I love you”. Pick one! Anyone!

1. Show BRAND YOU Daily Acts of Self-Love

Ok, so I lied…here are 31 ways. Day in and day out, we work our butts off IN our business…bogged down by logistics, frantically trying to increase sales/clients and stay in front of our competitors. We rarelyLove your brand challenge - 31 days and ways to love your personal brand - Sign up freeLove your brand challenge - 31 days and ways to love your personal brand - Sign up free take a moment to step back and work ON our business…tending to our brand, nurturing our online presence, relating to our tribe, and building relationships that last. Sign up now and for the next 31 days, I’ll be taking you on a journey of brand awareness as you reconnect with brand YOU and fall in love with her all over again. Each day, I will email you simple ways to grow your brand, show your brand some lovin’ and celebrate the unique and amazing brand that you are! Use the hashtag #lovebrandyou on Instagram to show off your progress. Click here to get your daily love challenges in your inbox. For 31 days you will receive a challenge that will encourage you to invest in yourself and build your personal intellectual property (Brand YOU). Let’s get started!

2. Buy BRAND YOU Some Flowers

I got in the habit of buying myself flowers either when I was down and needed to feel appreciated or when I was doing well and needed to be celebrated. Flowers are a temporary investment because eventually they will shrivel up and die. For the same price of a bouquet, you can invest in The Girl’s Guide to Personal Branding! It is a 144 page ebook that walks through the women’s brand anatomy and discloses how to build an unforgettable brand and comes with the bonus of a 1.5 hour audio training that focuses on building your brand online. Unlike real flowers, the knowledge gained will live on forever.

3. Have a Threesome!

You heard correctly! A three-way strategy consulting call that is! My husband and I are extending free strategy calls that focus on evaluating your brand’s positioning as well as your business’s monetizing processes. Before he came along, I had an established brand but couldn’t quite figure out how to increase my income. I felt stuck at the level I was on. And before I came along, he had mastered sales funnels and monetization techniques, but his branding was all wrong and in some cases nonexistent. Together we’ve come up with a formula that ensures the success of both positioning and process to result in profits for each other’s businesses and for those of our clients. This month, we are opening up 8 slots to brainstorm with qualified entrepreneurs about their business and easy ways to optimize it. You qualify if you are confident as a coach or consultant, you have your own personal service or product to sell, you already have an online presence, you are serious about growth and you can take constructive criticism (this goes back to the confident part). If this is you, email me at mailto:olivia@oliviaomega.com to schedule your threesome! Can’t wait to get it on!





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